What is your favorite podcast(s) on tech/business?

Anastasia Sharova
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Anastasia Sharova
@seansong thank you! I'll be sure to check out this one!
Dylan Merideth
@seansong @anastasia_sharova Lex is one of the better interviewers I have had the pleasure to witness
Ludovico Petrali
My Classics are: Master of Scale Acquired
Anastasia Sharova
@ludovico_petrali both look exciting! thank you for the tip!
Harish Kumar
@ludovico_petrali @lizabakhareva product marketer is my fav too I also have been looking at Nathan Latka...he is great with finding bootstrapping founders and also I like the guy at Lemlist Guilamme...he has some great founders lately and his interview with CMO of Ahref was really inspiring.
Martina Hackbartt
I'm really interested in seeing the replies! Been looking for good podcasts for a while :)
Anastasia Sharova
@martina_hackbartt yep! I feel like podcasts can be a great source of inspiration :)
Ryan Gilbert
I cycle through business podcasts quite a bit but have really been enjoying My First Million by @thesamparr and @shaanvp so far this year.
Anastasia Sharova
@thesamparr @shaanvp @ryangilbert oh, this one is really great, thanks, Ryan!
invest like the best with Patrick is definitely a classic
Lisa Bakhareva🇺🇦
Masters of Scale, Product and Growth show, Закрив раунд(UA)
daisy 🏳️‍🌈
Daily Tech News Show Business Breakdowns Riding Unicorns The Ezra Klein Show And the ones already mentioned in the comments 😊
Some of my fav ones: 1. Business Breakdowns 2. Invest like the Best 3. Huberman Lab 4. In Depth by First Found Capital
Paul VanZandt
Replying to remember to come back to this - I need to note down some of these answers! Thanks for sharing.
Kevin W
All-in Podcast Invest Like the Best
Dylan Merideth
The All in Podcast, Lex Fridman
Vivek Katial
Babbage by The Economist Wild Hearts by Blackbird Ventures The All In Podcast ELC Podcast
Sofia Polonska
Great topic, Nastya! Will be sure to come back here and check out all the answers
Alicia M Carstens
Women at Work from Harvard Business Review
Chris Messina
I’m biased, but I listen to the Techmeme Ride Home show everyday — and we host the Techmeme Ride Home Experience on Twitter Spaces weekly. We’re gunna have a great show today at 6pm PST!
I would recommend you to follow the Open Source Startup Podcast, a great show where Robby from Cowboy VC and Tim from Essence VC talk about building open source startups and communities. https://anchor.fm/ossstartuppodcast
David Babins
Well worth the learning, education and much more, great info, ideas, brainstorming deep inside... :) https://mywifequitherjob.com/cat...
Andrew C.
its not related to Tech/Business but i just love the Joe Rogan Podcast