What is your favorite platform to listen to podcasts?

Sergul Sungur
28 replies
I'm listening podcasts mostly on Spotify like TEDtalks Daily which inspires me a lot. It would be great to talk about any other podcast platforms and podcasts.


Tatiana Lima
Spotify and YouTube! Spotify is good when it's in the background and YouTube is nice because it's visual.
Dima Zubchenko
Apple podcasts. Very convenient for me alternatively youtube in the background.
Nicole Ogloza
The INDUStry show :) talks about founders and their stories! The person that runs it is great as well Nitin Bajaj will interview you and you can get a lot of traffic from there too !
Sergul Sungur
@nicole_ogloza on which platform is it? it can be also beneficial for our new products.
Chen Friedman
Definitely using the most on Spotify. I am pretty sure soon they will just make a separate platform for the podcast content, just to be more focused. Only thing is the Joe Rogan move is still really questionable, but hopefully Spotify would be making wiser decisions about it in the future.
Rich Watson
YouTube and Spotify. Knew about Spotify forever but only got really put on when Joe Rogan made the switch to it.
Maxwell Davis
I’m using a platform called Momento - mainly because it helps me make clips of the shows
Maryam Bashir
Google Podcasts - because it is free
Arun Pariyar
I normally use Apple podcast but recently trying Google podcasts as well.
Qudsia Ali
My favorite platform is google podcast because I can use it on my desktop, Android phone, and iPhone.
Debajit Sarkar
On most occasions I rely on RSS.com and Captivate.
Utku Uzun
I also use Spotify. And sometimes I watch videocasts on Youtube.
Sohail Ahmad
Spotify - Free version ✌
Vaibhav Taneja
Spotify and apple podcast!
András Juhász
Spotify, but I'm not happy with how they hide podcasts, especially if you want to browse the recent ones you're following—four taps from the main screen.
Dylan Merideth
Spotify and Youtube:)