How do you motivate the teams you work with?

Sergul Sungur
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Amelia Charlie
Communicate with your staff, share your vision, and provide them with development opportunities.
Sergul Sungur
@amelia_charlie I think communication is the best way to motivate people
Qudsia Ali
To motivate my team I make sure our company vision and goals are clear. I encourage them give accurate and positive feedback to reward my team.
Leyla Aliyeva
"We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other" Vala Afsar Clear goal setting, empower people, provide support, communicate, show appreciation&value....ect..
Sergul Sungur
@leyla_aliyeva1 you're right, determining goals clearly is more important because it provides to understand company's vision.
Irete Hamdani
By sharing the short term and long term goals and how they are part of the success of the company.
Sergul Sungur
@ireteh if people feel deeply that they are one of the part of the success, it makes them more connected with the company they work for.
Ksenija Luškina
In my opinion, a boss should talk to his employees in a dignified way, whatever happens! And the boss is the first person in the team who has to adapt to his employees, as soon as they see that the boss can also respect them, they will start behaving like that in return... I tested it on my own experience.
Roberto Morais
From what I learned most people like autonomy and to feel competent. So what I usually do is share the vision, create clear goals together and ask then to tell how they can help us getting there. Give positive feedbacks when due and constructive feedback when needed (usually explaining why it needs improvement and suggestion a few paths for them to try). Besides that people usually get motivated when the company is growing or achieving their goals if they are really part of it.
Sergul Sungur
@robertomorais I'm totally agree with you. People sometimes need constructive feedbacks than positive ones. It can be one the most important steps for their career.
Tim Heijn
Communication is not enough, you have to show them the bigger picture of what we are working towards and aiming for!
Aleks Dahlberg
Having them lead many of the projects they work on.
Lead by example through my efforts !
@sergul_sungur1 Not only of course. The major asset remains the recognition of efforts & especially the results. For that, even if it is not the only lever, the financial factor is essential.
Sergul Sungur
@fares_aktouf actually we must put financial benefits to the first step, then other functions follow it
Maya Ben Zid
The most helpful strategies I've seen are leading by example, continuously praising the team for good work so that everyone feels valued, explaining the rationale for all decisions. Setting realistic milestones is important as well.
Sergul Sungur
@maya_ovice I'm agree with you. If people doesn't feel valued how can they work?
Sandra Djajic
Communication, encouragement, and support.