What do you use for SEO optimization of your website?

Sergul Sungur
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We mainly use our knowledge but we also use tools such as Ahrefs or Surferseo
Paul-Louis Valat
Ahrefs, both for content and for technical optimization. The weekly Ahrefs Audits help us identify new errors on our website and quickly fix them. And the Ahrefs Wordpress Plugin pick for us the pending SEO opportunities by highlighting medium performing content that could perform much better by doing small fixes on it.
Sergul Sungur
@paullouis_valat1 Ahrefs is highly recommended. I'll try it.
Launching soon!
Our tools include several reputable sources of optimizers. We utilize the Google keywords tool, the Adwords Keyword planner, Yoast Seo, SEMrush and any other number of computer programs that help optimize our content for search engines.
Utku Uzun
We used Semrush for our product sites and their blogs and it did pretty well.
Aqsa Sajjad
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique used to improve your website's visibility, volume, and quality in search engines. I use the Yoast plugin as it shows the quality of your content.
Nik Hazell
I've used Google's Mobile Friendly test as a SUPER rough and ready start!
Many solutions exist! the other participants will share them. For my part, I worry a lot about the UX aspect and the vital web cores optimize the images and videos, here is the link to our solution twicpics.com
@daniel_engels @sergul_sungur1 Excellent ! in addition there are several APIs that can help such as page speed insight
Rich Watson
Sergul, did you check out all these links? Were any of them free or DIY guides that you could reshare? Thanks
Sergul Sungur
@richw yes, I checked all of them and they aren't free. some have just free trial. Only marketing miner has a limited free plan. Yoast and Ahrefs can be beneficial. Yoast has also free online SEO lessons. I didn't see any DIY guides. But some products can have how to videos on their youtube channels like Screaming Frog, maybe you can look in details.
At the moment it's mainly Screaming Frog and Marketing Miner.
Tanesha Austen
Hey! I use Leetbot! "Content, SEO & Paid Ads Made Easy. Improves every website, upskills anyone – great for product descriptions & search phrase match." leebot.co.uk
Tanya Kapoor
Hi @sergul_sungur1 I personally recommend SEMrush, BuzzSumo, and Ahrefs.
Sali Hama
Sage. They help with content creation + keywords list creation/ optimization. https://www.sageseo.ai/
Corey Northcutt
So, just sold my SEO agency of 10 years and am getting back to building small projects. Experience is that most tools are terrible at a million things and great at one thing and aren't necessary for the average Producthunt maker. SEMrush (for competitive keyword data) and Screaming Frog (for crawling) are the two that were irreplaceable. If I really want a public-facing app to rank it's easiest to code it on top of WordPress w/ Rank Math, Hummingbird, Smush, and Disable Blog to generate schema, sitemaps, manage large quantities of content, and still stay lightweight-ish.
Giuseppe Di Nuccio
I've tried several, and I would say Semrush and Ahrefs are the most complete. Ahrefs is probably slightly better on some features, but also a bit expensive; Semrush is also good for the knowledge base and the courses offered on many topics (like backlinks building, etc.). Recently I've also started to use ubersuggest (by Neil Patel), which is still basic and not as complete as the other two above, but it's still very useful for keywords, competitive analysis, domain SEO issues discovering, backlinks, content ideas etc.