What is your favorite piece of entertainment from the last year?

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Atul Ghorpade
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Watching Malayalam movies without understanding single word. They have amazing stories.
About half a year ago, I remembered playing a game as a teenager. It was called World of Warcraft. I think many people know it because it is a game from the line of legendary games. So, I remembered it and decided to find his lost and old account, but as it turned out all the data from that time were erased. I wanted to play it as it was quite a lot of free time and I did not have to give most of it to work. In general, the account I lost, I created a new account and realized that the time to pump it to the level of the old account I do not. So I decided to just buy another new account. Let's dwell on this point for a moment. Accounts in the game WoW are too expensive, especially those that are the same level as my old one. I decided not to give so much money for it, but I didn't want to waste time on pumping. I started looking for ways to quickly pump my account in the game and saw an interesting WoW Boosting service where you can buy a boost much cheaper than buying an already pumped account. In general, the result is the same, just being ready to buy an account costs six or seven times more expensive. I still decided to buy this account boost and all done very well. In general, I'm satisfied and the last half year I spent with pleasure in this game with an account already pumped.
Valdiss Kramar
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Hi, can someone advise me a service where you can order services for the passage of the dungeons. I need help to pass Mythic Plus 15. I need about 3 runs to get all the gear. Maybe 4.
Demian Dex
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I ordered one pass, it cost me about 30-35 euros, but the pass takes about an hour or even two. If you want the passage to be quick, you have to pay a little extra. That would not distract the players on anything. Here you can order Mythic Plus Boost 15 https://armadaboost.com/buy/myth... they will help you pass everything. Just there is a guarantee that your account will be all the resources and equipment from the raid.