What is your favorite piece of entertainment from the last year?

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Atul Ghorpade
Watching Malayalam movies without understanding single word. They have amazing stories.
About half a year ago, I remembered playing a game as a teenager. It was called World of Warcraft. I think many people know it because it is a game from the line of legendary games. So, I remembered it and decided to find his lost and old account, but as it turned out all the data from that time were erased. I wanted to play it as it was quite a lot of free time and I did not have to give most of it to work. In general, the account I lost, I created a new account and realized that the time to pump it to the level of the old account I do not. So I decided to just buy another new account. Let's dwell on this point for a moment. Accounts in the game WoW are too expensive, especially those that are the same level as my old one. I decided not to give so much money for it, but I didn't want to waste time on pumping. I started looking for ways to quickly pump my account in the game and saw an interesting WoW Boosting service where you can buy a boost much cheaper than buying an already pumped account. In general, the result is the same, just being ready to buy an account costs six or seven times more expensive. I still decided to buy this account boost and all done very well. In general, I'm satisfied and the last half year I spent with pleasure in this game with an account already pumped.
Valdiss Kramar
Hi, can someone advise me a service where you can order services for the passage of the dungeons. I need help to pass Mythic Plus 15. I need about 3 runs to get all the gear. Maybe 4.
Demian Dex
I ordered one pass, it cost me about 30-35 euros, but the pass takes about an hour or even two. If you want the passage to be quick, you have to pay a little extra. That would not distract the players on anything. Here you can order Mythic Plus Boost 15 https://armadaboost.com/buy/myth... they will help you pass everything. Just there is a guarantee that your account will be all the resources and equipment from the raid.
erwin smith
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Rosalie Steame
I've been playing mostly WoW lately. One of the reasons why World of Warcraft remains one of the best games to date is the game's unique graphics. WoW not only appeals to a wide audience thanks to its almost cartoonish graphics, but also does not require a powerful PC. Weak computers can easily cope with it, which ensures a low barrier to entry into the game. And thanks to the use of additional services like wow season of discovery gold from wowvendor, you can significantly simplify the gameplay. Having a large amount of gold can make the game more enjoyable. It allows for the purchase of better equipment, consumables, and other items that can make challenging content more manageable.
Stacey Bloom
Over the past year, I've been promoting online casinos, but I realized that this isn;t the best way to have fun for me. That's why I discovered a social casino. You can read more here https://www.clovr.com/reviews/mo.... I won’t say that this is a very cool way of entertainment, but, at least, you won’t spend real money and will be able to try the slots.
I play MMORPGs. WoW Classic is what I imagined it would be. I played the original before but never experienced the end game content. Need gold or boosting services for the Cataclysm Classic: https://www.wowcataclysmgold.com/ I am currently level 31 (Warrior - Lancer/Whiteman). Every level, every quest, and every monster summoned feels rewarding. Summoning two monsters at once and surviving feels great! Summoning three monsters and surviving with 2 health remaining is exhilarating! It makes you want to push your limits and see how much you can really take. Progression in Classic is hard! Whereas in the retail version, almost everything is handed to you. I love this aspect of Classic. So glad it is here. This game will test your emotions at times, but it makes the experience that much better! If you like a challenge, then this is the game for you!