What is the main obstacle for early-stage startups to launch their product?

Sofia Drobychevskaya
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Jonathan Massabni
many options :D i'll go with waiting too long for the perfect product before launching. If Tech is an issue for example, many great No-Code options out there to speed up the launch and customer feedback loop. Curious to read answers!
Sharath Kuruganty
- Tinkering the product thinking that will bring more users. - Adding too many features and busy building in private. - Literally living in their own bubble and not seeking feedback from others.
Sofia Drobychevskaya
@5harath absolutely agree with you with all 3 points!
Interesting question. Being stuck in analysis-paralysis is one major driver. There's always the need to push for one extra feature before launch.
Great topic @sofia_drobychevskaya Sometimes it has to do with getting the definition of MVP right. - If the product is based on a totally new idea, the key challenge is to identify how much do we build before planning a launch. - If you are building something better, the challenge is to identify if the built product has enough differentiation.