What is the best habit you've taken up from another person?

John Michael
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Olivia Watson
Make your bed Everyday
John Michael
@olivia_watson2 Yes, It just takes a minute, yet it has a significant influence on your peace of mind.
Sophia Emma
Organize your clothes every week.
John Michael
@sophia_emma This helps me a lot in managing home chores.
Alex gleen
Google every new word you come across.
John Michael
@alex_gleen Oh, that's so interesting. That means we will learn something new regularly.
On every trip, buy a keepsake and preserve it in a "Memory box."
jonny vince
Daily 10 to 20 mins walk.
John Michael
@peter_agar That so beautiful, Because being polite is very important these days.
Smash fear in the face!
James Giroux
Recently, I received a private slack message from a colleague while I was speaking during a big team meeting. It was a heart emoji and was followed up shortly after with a bit of positive feedback that what I had said really resonated with them and was a great way to phrase what I had said. I realized in that moment the power of private recognition and feedback. So often, I am happy to publicly recognize the great work our team does but that little 'in the moment' piece of feedback meant way more to me than the public accolades I'd recently received. I felt heard, understood and valued. It's a 'habit' I am excited to take up and practice with those around me.
Paul VanZandt
Time-blocking my days. I don't do it every day, but especially on the super packed ones, time blocking gives me a structural boost to everything I do.
Honey as a sugar substitute for my coffee, or no sugar with my coffee.
Reece Jones
My first boss in my industry told me to always repeat people's names. Makes sure I remember. These days I rarely forget a name!
getting up early, meditation, daily cycling, limiting phone use.
Qudsia Ali
Never wait for a perfect time to start anything, Because that perfect time will never come; so start now because now is the best time to start.
Journalizing things down! πŸ–‹
Dylan Merideth
Meditation and consistency, 1% better everyday is real
jonson mek
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