What is a must-have feature for a system which helps you run your project issues?

Piotr Pawłowski
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What functionality would help you be more efficient, productive and save time? What can help manage your daily issues/challenges?


Żaneta Siwik
For me, clearly indicated deadlines are a must-have! Also, it's good to have your work somehow visualized and categorized in a user friendly way. Fx. categorized by daily, weeky, monthly goals? Or maybe by statuses and progress? I tend to forget about meetings, so reminders would also be a good option.
Piotr Pawłowski
@zaneta_siwik That's true. Reminders are definitely a key feature.
Reminders are my must have. I would appreciate categorizing and sorting tasks by colours from most important to those that let's say can wait.
@agnieszka_szczepaniak sadly, colours don't work for everyone. And still someone has to create these categorization rules.
@kofeina True, but for me colours are the easiest way to organize something and more importantly can be/should be ;) only a part of labbeling. I don't mind creating my own categories/labels and giving them some kind of weight, to make them sortable.
Żaneta Siwik
@kofeina @agnieszka_szczepaniak true! Everyone perceives colors differently. A possibility to create your own color-coded priorities would be great.
Phoebe Phalange
Definitely a clear division of tasks, something like a kanban. Tagging and recalling deadlines would also be great.
Piotr Pawłowski
@formenteralady14 Multiple configurable task boards + sprint planning ! Must have. And how do you deal with monitoring and billing of working time?
Phoebe Phalange
@alex_roman_fbee It would be nice if each task had a changeable status based on which the working time would be logged.
Wiesław Poliszewski
priority - easy team members connection, so everyone knows what to do
Aga Ibi
For me - a very convenient tool for task managing on on Kanban boards.
Konrad Kubacki
1. watch list 2. mail status update 3. custom task status flow.
Rysiu Te
working debugger
Sławomir Nizio
tool to prioritise, categorise and manage tasks
Joanna Radecka
For me kanban board is something I can't imagine working without! Plus it's great to see how many things you've already done. ;-) A calendar with reminders is also crucial - it helps me keep track of everything and not forget anything. It would be nice if you could mark priorities so you don't get lost in the workload.
Max Russell
Definitely a task management tool!!!! I used to be immersed in a series of tasks and didn't know what to start first, what should come after. Then I processed all of it at the same time, no priorities, and guess what...everything was unfinished! Now is better, we use a task management tool to categorize tasks, set a deadline and finish it. Totally work for me!
Joanna Radecka
@themaxrussell totally agreed! I was drowning in my things to-do. Now, when I can organize my tasks it's much better. I can focus on my work properly.
Piotr Marchewka
My must-have is a to-do list. For me, as a graphic designer, it is an essential tool because of the amount of work and tasks that I have. Thanks to a to-do list nothing get lost and I can have everything is under control.
Kevin Offret
A big fucking whiteboard! I couldn't do without it, I couldn't. The essential tool for a successful day, week, and year! Love ;)
Shivangi Malhotra
I think a basic one would be being able to assign tasks to people in a team. Also, a functionality to get reminders for each task's deadlines. An advanced feature would be being able to generate reports to track the weekly/monthly progress of each person on the team.
Finn Tomkiel
Why is it limited to man-aged people. What if someone isn't one of them, and run into issues? Anyhoo... When it comes to the functionality that I would like to see, is possibility to include my clients easily, without need to create account by them. It's just less struggle which that equals better experience for people I care about.
Jared Cornell
I believe an internal knowledge base is a great feature offered by tools such as Proprofs Help Desk (https://www.proprofsdesk.com/) that allow you to offer self-service capabilities to employees. Staff members from multiple departments (such as marketing, customer service, sales, accounting, logistics, etc.) can find answers in the form of FAQs, help articles, guides, and resolve issues on their own.
Patryk Tracz
I think that the most important thing is navigation. Navigating the site, intuitive tabs - it all makes things much easier. Besides, another thing - a quick possibility to take a look at previous and current projects. Thanks to such solutions work becomes faster and better.
A system for setting goals broken down my year/quarter/month/week/day. Seems a bit excessive at first but it works like a charm for me! Keeps me accountable and on top of my big projects. I use Notion to house this system
Coin Analytics
Automation of queries or checks for reporting.
Will Perlmutter
in my opinion, definitely a mechanism to collect your bugs, feedback, and requests throughout the product development life cycle. this is the lifeblood to making better products over time for the people who use and need them most: your customer base.
Emma Becker
Reminders are crucial! Without them I'd be lost in my workload - since I'm combining this with list of tasks, my managing skills are on top!