Home OR Office?

Piotr Pawłowski
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As we all know, since the pandemic, many people have started working remotely. And here comes the question - do you prefer to work from home, or do you go the classic route and stay in the office? What are the advantages of working remotely for you guys?


Urszula Ostrowska
For me, the best option is working 3 days in the office and 2 days at home. The biggest advantage of remote work: I'm more focused without office distractions - such as coffee or lunch with co-workers ! :)
Joanna Radecka
Well, I choose the classic path - at home there is lots of distraction and I cannot really motivate myself in the morning. But I feel like it can be very helpful in terms of reducing stress maybe?
Lusine Mkhitaryan
Office, office and all the time office. I love people, I love working with my co-workers. For me, the pandemic was stressful because I had a lack of real-human communication, I was alone in a room, I was less concentrated, and was working more hours without productivity.
Antonis S
At home there is lots of distraction. But I split my time at office and home
Elena Cirera
Both have pros and cons; while working for an office, you can pay attention to your office responsibilities. But your energy, time and money are wasted on traveling. While working from home, you can manage office and family responsibilities; but there is a lot of distraction at home. But it is up to you, how you manage things.
Karl Hennings
I liked working at the office. There's a cool working atmosphere there. It was like coming to a party. But lately I've been working remotely. It's been frustrating for me. I had my own office that I loved. But there's nothing I can do about it anymore. I'm trying to get used to the new realities. I'm trying to make the same kind of office at home. Started with the chair. I had a comfortable chair in my office. I looked at reviews of various office chairs here https://office-chair-review.com/ and ordered one for myself already.
Jonny Moll
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