What has helped you in hiring the right resource the most?

Kapil Gadhire
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Hello Hunters & Makers! I am sure you must have faced or facing hiring issues for getting the right talent to build and market your product. Would like to pick your brains on strategies that have helped you in hiring the right team member. TIA 🚀♥️


Radhika Majithiya
Hello Kapil, You should read this blog for detailed guide on hiring developers in 2022 - https://hirefullstackdeveloperin...
Avi 🤝
Hey, Kapil. Sharing "real wealth" with them as a merit-based share of future cash flows - is one of the things that has helped us and our customers hire premium talent at lower-than-market budgets and with greater ownership to join and stay. Returns from Stock Options are too far out and unpredictable for most hiring candidates. To know more, check out VenEx here on Product Hunt, and let us know what you think!