Better Community Tool - Slack or Discord?

Kapil Gadhire
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In your experience what has been the best platform to nurture your user community?


Slack - Expensive but excellent for notifications and integrations. Used by business people Discord - Free for messages, video and voice calls - poor for notifications and integrations. Not really recognized as a proper business tool (but should be)
I'm slowly moving all my comms to Discord. I don't use any Slack integrations (plus there are lots of Discord bots that can do those) and I kinda hate the whole logging into different spaces model. Slack has structure (better for corporate), but I love the freedom Discord brings.
Ng Fang Kiang
Slack for sure if you need integrations.
Collin Thompson
Slack. I just don't get Discord. It seems overcomplicated for what it is
David J. Kim
@techronin If you don't mind me asking, what'd you try to use Discord for?
Collin Thompson
@between_team I joined a Saas product community. I had recently subscribed to their service. I thought the onboarding flow, setup, and actual discussion was horrible on discord, and it actually prevented me from being an active part of their community.
David J. Kim
@techronin That's fair, their onboarding could use work. I personally got introduced to Discord by gaming with my friends, so I found the discussions really smooth.
Jonathan Massabni
I find Discord has a lot more engagement nowadays. Slack is still good for work and team collaboration, but can't seem to avoid Discord anymore even if i used to try!
David J. Kim
Slack is definitely more professional + has useful integrations. But Discord is just more fun, especially with bots (could be biased here, I'm also a gamer). I think it depends on your persona.
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
Slack all the way, I love it! The only thing is that their mobile version has some severe bugs (e.g. the home page doesn't always load)
Rosie Sherry
I think Discord has a better future, I've noticed a big shift in 2021 with lots of people and communities moving over. Slack was never built with community in mind, but it has the benefit of being more work focused. In reality, with any community building effort you'll likely need multiple ways to engage and connect with your people.
Davide Matta
If you need screen sharing Discord provides it for free, while Slack free plan doesn't. For everything else, I think that Slack it's better.
I find Slack to be basically unusable. Discord all the way. Plus Discord adding Posts Channel and 'Home' tab -- looks useful for better structured conversations. Previously called Forum Channel -- a post that got a bunch of upvotes: