What happened to the top and lowest scoring kids in your class?

Daniel Engels
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Some great srories would surely be told here! Feel free to contribute.


Marko Rakic
No rule. Scores usually don't reflect what people are capable of. You can get dropped out of school and build facebook (🍻 Mark Zuckerberg) You can have the best scores and work in college as TA.
Daniel Engels
@marko_rakic2 exceptions to a rule doesn't imply there is no rule. Maybe, the variance of performance of college drop-outs is higher while the aheir average performance is lower...
Aneeq Naeem
My classmate got an F literally every semester but now earns more than I am 🙄.
Aneeq Naeem
@daniel_engels He is self-employed and belongs to a business personality. It is pretty obvious why he is earning a good amount and did not care much about his studies in the past.
Luis Hernandez Peña
Social class is probably the biggest predictor of career success, much more than top scoring studies. I have seen bad students succeed in their careers largely because of family support and others, much better students, have to take charge of the family economy while they were still very young.
Daniel Engels
@luishp I doiubt a mediocre kid from an upper middle class family would be outstandingly succesful. He might easily end up with a confortable position though.
Luis Hernandez Peña
@daniel_engels it should be that way. But it's not. Some years ago, I was a high school teacher in an elite school here in Madrid. Even really bad students ended up as a business managers. And they are not isolated cases.
Tyler Cook
Most of the highest scoring kids have a regular paying 9-6 job. Most are doing average. None as far as I know, are millionaires. The range is small. Though some of the lowest scoring students are have lower than average salaries now, some are millionaires now. There's a huge range of possibilities. They made it happen. Schools don't teach us about real world. Those who can well at exams might not do well in life.
Andrew Isherwood
Just normal things, some have trades some have office jobs. I don't think there are any AAA students that crashed out as you hear in the anecdotes it's all rather boring.
Daniel Engels
@andrew_isherwood1 I have one brilliant student in my class who made internship at top organizations and then became a freelance instructor, earning below the minimal wage. I think he was too disgusted by how these organizations function.
Luke Underwood
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