Europe's GDPR drives up development costs by 30%

Daniel Engels
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A recent study found that Europe's GDPR policy reduced the number of apps available in Google Play by "a third," increased costs, and reduced developer revenues. At the same time, proponents say it only removed "crapware and spyware". What's your opinion?


Petar Todorovski
Can you please post a link to the study? I'd like to check it out.
Daniel Engels
@petartodd Here's the original study: It stirred great debate. But the researchers come from a very reputable institution.
Clair Birge
I'm not sure about the specific study you are referring to, but it is important to note that GDPR policy (General Data Protection Regulation) was designed to protect the privacy rights of individuals and enhance their control over their personal data. It imposes certain obligations on companies that collect and process the personal data of EU citizens and residents. To get a better idea of how the GDPR system works, I suggest you check here and go to the site that provides such services. That way you can learn more about the whole GDPR system.