Are you active on IndieHackers?

Daniel Engels
11 replies


Yuri Lisin
Not as much as here on PH, but I do check it out from time to time
Qudsia Ali
No, I am not. I have not used it for a while now. Currently, I am only using PH. If I become able to manage some time, I might start being more active on IH as well.
Kanisk Gautam
Yep. I feel it is great for getting motivation and ideas
Rosie Sherry
Yup, I dip in and out of both IH and PH.
Tony Yan
I check IH sometimes.
Ankur Mehrotra
I do login every week, lurking around!
Tarun Karthikeyan
Been meaning to finish my post for IH for weeeeeks now, this is motivating me to finish it this weekend :D
Aleks Dahlberg
Yes, but not as much as PH, however starting to increase over there on IH
Irete Hamdani
I'd love to write an article there about how I built a team of 10 people without hiring a single employee directly but I need to be active there to be let in. Its enough for me to be active on FB/IG/PH/... :)
Sergul Sungur
I look into IH sometimes, not as much as PH