What email sender do you use for newsletters?

Olya Zabalkanska
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We are now mixing Intercom/ SendGrid for emailing our customers. But we have an email list with other subscribers and using this combination seems to be a bit costly.


Ostap Yaroshevych
Mailchimp is also a good option)
Arslan Khalid
EmailOctopus has a great product and reasonable plans.
Katy Hardt
At VC Deals, we're using sendinblue right now since we wanted to try a free product that wasn't Mailchimp. It is okay but not sure I would recommend. Here's a great starting point if you're researching email tools: https://airtable.com/universe/ex...
nijhum akhter
really great product,,, awsome
Richard Francis
I quite like SendFox. Not as feature rich as something like mailchimp but there’s a cool team behind it, support is great, and viral tools (I.e. rewards programs) are built in.
John Delavera
Aweber since 1999, also used GetResponse, Sendlane, Mailchimp, Ontraport, Hubspot and more.
John Delavera
@olya_zabalkanskaya IMHO it's one of the best to start with because a) they've been in the market for over 20+ years and they keep adding features when needed to secure their position in the market, for example, the landing pages and the push notifications added recently, b) they offer today a free plan that accommodates the need of the starters for sure, c) almost ALL systems offer integration with Aweber, and of course d) it does its job: it allows you to get the lead, setup campaigns and follow-up messages. There will be a time though, when you learn things about email marketing that starters are not yet aware, where more features are needed. When that time point comes, you will need to invest to advanced autoresponders - that do more than getting leads, send follow up messages etc. There are things starters do not know they do not know, like IP warming, DKIM and SFP, dedicated IP addresses, connection with SMTP servers, list segmentation and A/B split testing, nurturing your leads, cleaning lists and many more. As I use to say, "the use improves the user" hence I suggest Aweber to start with until you get 10K subscribers and by that time you will know what to use next.
Andersen Lab
Currently, I am utilizing ConvertKit.