What education/degree do you have and πŸ€” does it correlate with what you're doing?

Lisa Dziuba
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Mine: kind of. I'm a Master of Computer Science and I'm was leading my tech startup, mostly doing user research, product marketing & product management, and community building. Does my degree correlate? Yes Does it help? Yes Am I doing what I was studying? Nooooo How about your degree?


Lisa Dziuba
For my Master thesis I designed & programmed an automatic control system for a chemical plant, based on fuzzy logic and neural networks (Simulink/Matlab). That had nothing to do with me running a startup. BUT that helped me understand many technical concepts and boosted my self-confidence that I can do anything πŸ˜‚ Also, thanks to studying at my university, which is the oldest and strongest tech campus in Ukraine, I met my mentor, Jonathan Romley. It was ~2012 and Jonathan proposed to work with him, back then I was still a student and Jonathan was a serial US entrepreneur, who sold his company to Google. So, my tech education and being in the right place at the right time defined where I am right now :)
Im an Electrical & Electronics Engineer with a Masters in Actuarial Science. Does it help? Yes. Correlate? Somewhat. Doing what I studied? Not directly.
Lisa Dziuba
@gogloballakshmi just curious, how did you choose you degree?
@lisadziuba Great question! As an Indian daughter, my choices were between a doctor or engineer. Electrical & Electronic because it was exciting, playing with the motors n soldering circuits were like craft work. Actuarial was my choice, I wanted to learn how money worked and who, how n what decided the interest rates etc..
Lisa Dziuba
@gogloballakshmi > As an Indian daughter, my choices were between a doctor or engineer. We had such trends in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ as well, being a lawyer or doctor was very popular at some point. Engineering degree never was a popular destinations for local girls.
Fajar Siddiq
I don't have any degree or diploma. Mostly self-taught and learn from tutorials
Lisa Dziuba
@fajarsiddiq any plans to obtain some degree? I was thinking to get a business one in several years
Imtiyaz - Curatora.io
@lisadziuba I'm a Master of Computer Science and I'm Engineer turn Entrepreneur. Of course, my degree correlates and it does help me in what I do. It's about the foundation you build, you can do the same without a degree but you need to learn and build that foundation.
Nico Prananta
I'm master in electrical engineering. no correlation at all with what i've been doing since I left the master course. What I learned in the university might not have any use with my work now, but connecting the dots, it brought me to where I am now :D
Lisa Dziuba
@nicnocquee yeah, many subjects what I learned, for example Pascal or Assembly, has zero correlation to what I'm doing now.
Alexander Diatlov
I have master degree in Telecommunications Engineering.
Dillon Peterson
Physics. It does: It taught me how to think.
Maria Foerster
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Lola Nickson
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Cassandra Claire
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