What does stability in life mean to you?

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Be healthy. Have a family who support & listen to you. Have good friends, with who you can discuss about everything. Have a job with good managers & mate, kind people matter a lot. Have enough money to not think about it everyday. Maybe it's cliché but with those 5 things you can have a stable life and do whatever you want :).
@michaelnle so ... let's say a stable life is a successful life ? :)
Dimitris Karavias
A balancing act. Too much stability is as damaging as too little.
@dkaravias Totally agree, too much stability leads to lethargy and boredom.. Thanks for sharing Dimitris :)
Shiva Prabhakaran
Trying to do things without stability is like trying to juggle while balancing on a unicycle. I would rather juggle when standing on firm ground. So yeah, everything.
@killshiva Interesting comparison.. Yes it is a bit of a circus when juggling on a unicycle!! Thanks for sharing Shiva :)