Talk about your "idea to product" journey.

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Hey founders! Some of you may have had the idea and then created the product which may not have been a straight forward process. For me, I started with the idea of ''helping people with their romantic relationships'' and then explored product ideas like communities, connecting professionals to individuals in need etc.. Now I am in the process of discovering product features. Share your journey!


Prateek Mathur
1. Identified the problem I was in love with 2. Spoke with users who have that problem 3. Built based on their problem 4. Got a paying customer
@prateek_mathur thats like clock work Prateek! You must be very good.. Maybe you can talk more sometime..
Pallavi Jaisinghani
The focus was always on the problems the customers were facing & hence As a product owner, you are not alone, it is your entire team. Build a capable team & make sure each member is capable to solve any problem faced by the user. Here's a look at the journey
Jing Hu
1. build a financial model, to verify whether the idea is worth investing 2. speak with potential users (customer centric) 3. define the problem and decide what solution you want to provide (job-to-be-done approach, 4. build mockup on your solution, and send to customers to test your hypothesis ... After you've done all you can do, pray 😂😂. Luck is a big factor in building a startup.
Holly Stephens
1. Experienced first-hand the difficulty of optimising content and adding subtitles 2. Launched a landing page to understand if it was a problem for others too 3. 14-months ago we launched Subly in beta 4. Got a paying customer 5. Made so many changes to our platform, and talked to our customers every day to get all kinds of feedback. 6. Launching new big features (translation and team collaboration) over a year on 7. Now at over 60k users Would love any feedback on the latest launch!