How do you makers establish consistency in creation?

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Founders, this is for you.. Especially those flying solo.. How do you manage to consistently work on your project besides all the ups n downs. Or how do you get your work done, how efficiently do you reach deadlines?


rinas πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
I try to ship atleast one feature/bug fix /improvement daily no matter what. This really helps to build the momentum. After a while, it turns into a habit and it becomes part of daily routine πŸ˜„
Gleb Braverman
I am usually working on smth that gets me excited no matter what. Also, there's nothing wrong on taking time off (even if it's a week/two weeks) - getting things done doesn't have to be everything in your life!
Adrian Cole
My issue is actually making time for other things but building, designing and shipping. I think if you're totally all in on the idea, it should come naturally. If not, I might suggest examining if you really believe in what you are doing.
Anand Radhakrishnan
Just keep at it, believe in yourself, learn to deal with constant failures throughout your startup journey. we just launched Websitestoolz on PH today. do check us out.
Isabel Nyo
This is a question that I am very familiar with. A lot of people had asked me about how I manage to consistently produce content and maintain my personal brand. They want to know how I find motivation and inspiration. Here is the truth; as a working mother with a demanding full-time job, I don't always have the energy, motivation, or inspiration. But my key to consistently producing content is through this system that I've created. I am not waiting for an inspiration to strike or creative energy to appear, I just sit at my desk and get to work. The system also allows me to set a clear boundary and work-life balance because I am not busy doing busy work, I am being productive and purposeful with what I am doing. Basically, I have goals, measurements and tasks. You can check out the system in full at The Creator System .
Ryan Hoover
I think the key is creating something you're naturally drawn to and finding a way to fit it into your routines so that it becomes a habit. It's hard to be consistent otherwise (at least for me).
@rrhoover Spot on and there is a little more to it for me Ryan. Thank you for the reply, this kinda attention is new to me πŸ₯³