What does a good day look like to you?

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Community @ Product Hunt
Like this :)
Zuzanna Filipiak
Graphic Designer, Photographer
Sunny, FREE :) and very creative
Clément Jacquelin
UI/UX Designer
Quite, with friend or amazing. There is a lot of "good day" for me ❤️. What about you ?
Joanna Kurylo
Revenue Growth Strategist 💰
A good day for me is a productive day spent on building and growing startups followed by an intense 2 hour boxing session at the gym! 🥊
Rachel Levitz
Analyst at Amy
A day with a good work/life balance! Also work also fun.
Billy Guthrie
Hello Woooorld!
I feel better when I read study questions and answers makeeasylife.com/write-my-paper-on-paperwriter-com/ and learn something new.
Daniil Glezer
A day when I'm on vacation drinking cocktail on the beach
Michael Moss
Serial Entrepreneur.
Sunny, free and friendly!
Galia Ben David
Head of Support
Sunny whether, a good night's sleep, productive energy, and finish with a relaxing evening in my apartment with a glass of wine and a good book 😌