What do you use Product Hunt for?

Luka Vasic
12 replies
I'm new to PH and I like the community. Would like to know what all of you use it for. Bonus! What do you love about PH?


Vedran Rasic
- meeting cool new creators - learning about new products - discovering trends - launching products 😍
Maxwell Davis
Mainly for networking in order to help with a future launch 🚀🚀
Dapeng Ni
I use it for product launching. :) Welcome, btw!
Luka Vasic
@dapeng_ni thank you, so far i like the community
Qudsia Ali
Currently, I am only using it for networking and creating awareness around my product as I will be launching on the Product hunt soon.
Luka Vasic
@qudsia_ali nicee, wish you the best of luck on launch day.
Justin George
- find new cool products - occasionally read stories - engage in discussions
Siena Romes
Networking and discovering new tools. I've been using the usual tools such as RumbleTalk, Trello, and Skype. So, I want to add some more so I can switch between the tools and see what works best.
Luka Vasic
@siena_romes that too. I also use a lot of tools in my work and daily. Do you need some recommendations?
Luka Vasic
@siena_romes I use notion and todoist for organization. And because i write a lot of content and work on LinkedIn i use Lead Delta, Summari, Jarvis and Loom for recording. Ofc there are skype, slack and the usual remote tools