What do you prefer while using any SaaS product- Reading Documentation Or Watching Userguide Videos?

ankita singh
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Tell me the reason for your preference?


Ignacio Carmona
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Userguide Videos
Christian C
CEO @ Engiweb Ltd
Ng Fang Kiang
Digital Nomad & Remote Work @ jorcus.com
I use both. Documentation + userguide videos. Go deeper and faster with documentation but using userguide videos when stuck on something.
Maker @ Resumey.Pro
Depends on the product - sometimes it helps to have detailed documentation if I want to refer to it at my own pace, especially if there are several steps involved. Videos are useful if it's a quick tour that doesn't require my involvement in every step.
Elena Cirera
I am the Product Owner @ Vidmonials
Both have their importance; Videos are good for quick skimming, while documentation is suitable for diving deep.
Growth Hacker | Non-Tech Techie
Userguide videos (Interactive, if possible). However, there are some things which are always best suited as a list. I have never been able to rule out one of these. So for me, it goes hand in hand with a little bias for videos (I am more inclined towards videos and only essential docs/ checklists).
Adrien Velter
Entrepreneur | Marketer | Tech explorer
I definitely prefer tutorial videos !
Shreya Negandhi
Lawyer interested in AI
I believe user guide videos will help the users and ease the process for them!