Wondering what it takes to be in Top-5 on your Launch Day?

ankita singh
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Here are few things I am sharing from the Launch of Boltic and how we backed the #1 position on 11th February: 1. Spread a word about the launch via discussions 2. Connect with Founders/Hunters/Makers on Product Hunt, Twitter as well as LinkedIn 3. Make sure to finalize on the launch date atleast 1month prior to launch 4. If possible create a landing page and share it with your connection 5. Launch the product with a good video explaining how it can solve your problems Most importantly build an amazing product that people will organically love😃 Tell me somethings from your experience?


Pritam Nanda
Thanks for these tips. This will help plan our launch better.
Brian Nutt
Is there a way to import contacts from PH to Twitter and vice versa?
saif khan
Hey, @ankita_singh14 as always thanks for sharing much more needed details, Appreciated :)
Rucha Joshi
I think a good way to measure this is, if you are in the top 5 in the first 30min, the chances are you'll remain there for there.
Thanks for the tips - and congrats on the launch of Boltic
Yingtong Quek
Did none of them so the result was purely organic and subpar, unfortunately. Will definitely keep your tips in mind when launching the next time!
These are helpful, thanks so much Ankita :)
Mayank Bishwas
Great insights, Ankita! I guess spreading the word among relevant folks/community building matters the most. I'd like to add that interacting with each comment on launch day is also an important factor in ranking.