What did you work on/ship this week?

Lalit Pandey
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I would love to check out your product and provide constructive feedback on the same.


Just started to write essays on the 5 tedTalks I watch - https://gogloballakshmi.substack... It needs a lot of improvement in terms of style.. But there is coherence in the cluster of Talks in each essay..
Lalit Pandey
@tyhitzeman I like the approach & product but maybe the third div can be brought on to the first section. The hero section feels a little dull.
Dagobert Renouf
Thanks Lalit 🙏. I'm reworking on the homepage copy for www.logology.co, as people don't see to really understand our value prop 😅
Lalit Pandey
@dagorenouf Just checked out your page. Haver you redone it? I like the homepage. Everything, from design to copywriting & logos generated.
Dagobert Renouf
@lastyprsfe thank you man! yeah we redone it recently, but even though the copywriting is good, lots of people still don't understand that all the logos are original. So they don't even try it. Need to fix that. I really appreciate that you like the logos, thank you 🙏😄
Devon Ray
We launched our first full release of https://docbloc.co this week.