What can you do to help people in remote workspaces feel more connected?

Sally Bak
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David J. Kim
1. Setup a virtual teambuilding activity at https://teambuilding.com/ 2. Try using https://www.donut.com/ to help people meet each other 3. Give people a break from Zoom meetings. Try to keep them as low as you can, as they require more mental processing than normal meetings. 4. If you have happy hours try putting them away from your main meeting platform. Instead of having it on Zoom try it on Discord instead.
Sally Bak
Hi David👋 Thanks for sharing! It seems like your team is doing great building strong remote culture =) We are facing internal culture crisis feel like we need to take any action for that. We found out that peer recognition part is missing in our remote culture. How are you guys doing in building relationships in remote teams, sharinge wins, and acknowledging accomplishment?
Jonathan Yan
Hey @sally_bak1 ! At oVice, we design and provide access to customizable virtual spaces in the metaverse, for our workers to make remote work easier and more efficient! We aim to give remote workers that "office feel" with the ability to interact with one another in real time and collaborate with each other through various plug-in tools and other features. You can check us out at tour-en.ovice.in to have a look around and see how it works!