How do you find out if people are disengaged on your team?

Sally Bak
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Burnout is a growing problem at work. The performance of each team member depends on how well the team works. And how well the team works depends on how well each team member works. But with information scattered all over email threads, Slack, Asana, Trello, Notion, Github, Jira, and etc.. the performance of your team is hard to measure. Detecting employee disengagement like early burnout signals is even harder. One of our teammates had a sudden dip in his performance. When I realized there was sth wrong, It was too late. How do you guys detecting disengagement like early burnout signals? Is there any tool or process for measuring disengagement in a remote setting?


Anupama Panchal
That's a great question @sally_bak1 I've observed these few signs in people who have started to disengage - They reduce their involvement in discussions & decision making - They don't bring up new ideas, new solutions, new problems or challenges - Their time spent at or for work starts varying It's also very important to identify and fix this as it can affect a group of people if not kept in check.