What are your thoughts on marketing swag?

Richard Fang
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Every startup has its own swag shirts, but what are your thoughts in general about swag. Would love everyone thoughts about it 😊


Daniel Engels
I don't think customized t-shirts or mugs are a marketing channel - but rather a means of team building. If startup employees identify themselves with the company to a point they are ready to wear the logo (occasionally, of course) - it's definitely a good point.
Luka Vasic
Hmm, I think the designs of the shirts should have almost nothing to do with your startup because people don't like being a walking billboard. I mean this doesn't apply to big-name brands. So cool designs people would like to wear with a bit of an accent on your startup
Richard Fang
@luka_vasic yeah this is the inbetween i'm trying to figure out. I know people juts won't wear a shirt with a huge company logo on it so I'm trying to figure out funny / cool designs with maybe a smaller logo attached.
Maxwell Davis
Two uses for me - building a team spirit and a small bit of branding
Ezzat Suhaime
From one of the best shows:
Ash Carey
It is more attractive to employees rather than to customers. I guess!
Saif Ullah Khalid
I love it. To be honest. In my personal view, it has less effect on the marketing but is quite a good thing in sense of employee recognition.
Qudsia Ali
Swag is about establishing a brand presence, making an impression, and building community, as with other marketing endeavors. A company's swag, in essence, reflects some aspect of its brand identity. Startup T-shirts can be especially useful at events where the founders attend on behalf of the company to meet potential investors or clients. These t-shirts can be used as a visual aid when explaining their product or service at these events.
Richard Fang
@qudsia_ali Great answer - it definitely is a reflection of brand identity especially if executed well.
Stephanie Totty
I am pro marketing swag ... but only for the right reasons and in the right circumstances. I think way too many startups buy a domain and then immediately buy swag ... which in my opinion is way too early. If you're at a more established startup then yes! I'm all about that clever branding move. Don't just slap your logo on a hoodie, be fun and creative with what you design and then distribute. I worked at an edtech startup years ago and our (very stuffy) academic clients LOVED our whimiscal, punny tshirts we made about educational assessment. They were a GREAT brand builder.