What are your objectives for the upcoming week?

Daniel Engels
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I'll share mine: - to polish an article before subitting for publication - to prepare and send a newsletter - to review the performance of PPC campaigns - to test Reddit Ads as a new acquisition channel What about you?


Daniel Engels
@ireteh good luck with your launch! Sustainable shopping is a hot topic nowadays.
Irete Hamdani
@daniel_engels Thanks! Its just me launching, I don't have a whole team working on this. I appreciate your support!
Tarun Karthikeyan
Do update us once you have some results from the Reddit Ads campaigns! Curious to see how the results compare to Facebook and Google. It's something I've been meaning to look into as well.
Daniel Engels
@tarun_karthikeyan thank you for your interest. Reddit offers more granularity than Google Search and many other channels, and the cost seems low. But it also takes more time to conceive the right message for the right audience.
Maxwell Davis
Getting back into a good rhythm!