What are your goals for July?

Lalit Pandey
15 replies
Tell me what are you planning to achieve in July. It can be anything work-related, a life event, or a health goal.


Dillon Peterson
Hi @lastyprsfe, my primary goal for July is to implement everything I learned in a book I just finished called Atomic Habits. Designing systems for success, and being process-oriented instead of goal oriented.
Lalit Pandey
@dillon_peterson Hey Dillion, thanks for asking. I plan on getting my site up and start writing regularly now. It's not much, but it's honest work.
Lalit Pandey
@ahonoyvette If you need any help, feel free to text me on Twitter. I will be more than happy to help.
I want to work exclusively work remotely.
Lalit Pandey
@ahonoyvette yes, It's hard to give time to something else with all the responsibilities. A year back, I decided to take marketing and Twitter seriously. I started posting more and engaging and would read marketing in free time. It started slow and I had like 1 hour or 2 hour jobs a day but now it has taken it's own form and I am earning more from consulting remote jobs than my regular one. You shall also try something like that.
Dagobert Renouf
Try to ship a new major feature for www.logology.co – make it easy to browse logos from the homepage.
Sheiryl Jose
We are redesigning our About Us section in our website. We will incorporate important company details here - https://lessandra.com.ph/about-us
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