What are your go-to activities and games for zoom meetings and parties?

Hannah S Kim
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With zoom essentially becoming our meeting spaces, event venues, and Friday hang-out spots this past year- what have been your favorite games or activities to do with your colleagues/ friends?


Elen Udovichenko
we had so much fun with skribbl.io ;) although it's a standalone game, it's still a great way to spend your evening with virtual friends
Najeeb Khan
@elen_u that's a good one. For more virtual parties and fun experiences, you might also like (https://www.patio.to) as it's all built in :)
Ben Scharfstein
@elen_u you can embed scribbl.io right into Rume (rumevideo.com) and have video along side the game. There are also a bunch of other games like poker, codenames, kings cup, and settlers!
Daniela Passos
I would say Gaming! Me and my friends love to get in Zoom Calls to play Phasmofobia, Hand Simulator, and some other co-op games ;) There are some card games that are pretty cool as well from theschooloflife.com
Sam Liebeskind
We've done a few 'scavenger hunt' kinda things - e.g. 'go find something from a foreign country' - which gets people telling stories
Sam Liebeskind
I also really love the game We're Not Really Strangers (https://www.werenotreallystrange...) - a bunch of good questions & prompts in there!
Sam Liebeskind
@samliebeskind @hannahsuyun ooh that's cool - I hadn't seen "The And Project", looks cool. check out this video of 2 total strangers playing it in the part - https://youtu.be/ijBBYujUPBk - I can't wait for quarantine to end to be able to actually do this for real too!
Lucie Loubet
I've been making my own virtual trivia pub quiz, and it's always a lot of fun! happy to share the google sheets with people :)
Tyler Speegle
For my team's virtual Christmas party we Door Dashed dinner and played JackBox.com games. Quiplash was a lot of laughs and highly recommend!
Bikash Kampo
Pictionary, Bingo, Trivia are the go-to activities of our team that we play most of the times.
Maya Ben Zid
Personally, we don't use zoom but we play virtual truth&dare all the time lol
JackBox is an awesome party game platform, I can't recommend it enough. We also use the Kahoot platform to make quizzes, while Cards Against Humanity is playable online through a variety of websites/apps.
Anuj Gupta
We played games like codenames, Truth or Dare , Pictionary etc. If you have an android device i found all these games from a single publisher :- https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Nathan Svirsky
@hannahsuyun want to try out HomeWerk? http://homewerk.co/ we're still pre-launch and free sign up for a few more weeks.
Dominic Duffin
I've been enjoying playing Catan Universe with friends on a Zoom call!
Alex Breen
We have a happy-hour door dropoff rotation. Every week a different team member picks out a favorite cocktail, beer, or other beverage and snack and drives around to everyone's house to leave it at the door. Super fun to share with each other and added an extra element to our weekly happy hour! We have also done trivia, skribbl.io, taboo and those are all fun.
Stefano Campagna
My friends and I play games on Steam, including Risk, Scythe, and Tabletop Simulator offerings (I hate that this last one glitches). Among Us is our go-to game for larger parties if Jackbox crashes. Boardgame Arena has a ton of games, needing only one premium membership, and Yucata is free.
Janet Walker
Draw a picture on a paper out of webcam range. Give explanation about how to draw it to other. Compare the different picture at the end. It is quite nice for teambuilding: to help understand how other people think.
Justin Buchanan
Highly recommend Jackbox games! We use the desktop version which works great with a Zoom screenshare. It's really made our team's virtual hangouts more fun and engaging for everyone...
Samantha Zhang
https://onmuga.com/ They have many different games, and they are adding more pretty quickly
Ben Scharfstein
I love playing Among Us with friends--we built Among Us Rume (https://amongus.video) so that when you die you can still chat with your friends and listen to the meetings.
W.G.J. Duits
Did my goodbye drinks and welcome drinks last months in Mibo https://getmibo.com/. But also celebrated birthdays and met friends for drinks and to socialize. Spend hours socializing and playing trivias. To my opinion its the best way to currently ‘meet’ and socialize 👌