What are your favorite products you found on Product Hunt recently?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Playing the Great Online Game.
Found Fructify today. A chrome extension that shows you your tasks and helps you be more productive. Really well built.
Definitely Dewey. Great alternative to Twitter blue.
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@joshdance nice one
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Soo many 😻 But for someone who likes to read a lot of articles, it has to be Definer! Have been using it for just 2 days but I'm already in love with it. Why to open another tab if the work can be done in the same window? Right, @rokka? 😉
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Found that Rita by @gullisc was one of the products that had the biggest impact on me here. They gave me full visibility over which kind of data about me is tracked by whom. Easy templates allow it to contact privacy departments of the data collectors with a simple click of a button. Absolutely fundamental value proposition. You can find the product here: https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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Here are my top 5 favorites : 1. Mighty 2. Super 1.0 3. Peppertype.ai 4. Tella 2.0 5. Gather Town
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@siddhesh_lokare1 Thank you! 🙏
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Mostly the integrating apps.
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@janella_mcfadden I believe every serious productivity app can't go around this topic. Do you have any favourite ones?
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Definitely Sizigi, quality digital platform that makes the job search so much easier and less stressful! Here's a link if you want to try it out: https://go.joinsizigi.com/charli...
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Love vlc remote app...works great with home media server i have, lots of great vids I can share anywhere.
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Rocketlane! excelent product for customer onboarding. Rocketlane
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One of my favourites in the last month: Tweek
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Found Kin Habits really cool
unloved. for travel, compairbnb and chatterbug