What are your best-performing marketing channels in the past 6 months?

Matt Z
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Platforms evolve rapidly. Curious to see which channels and forms of marketing are working best for you.


Luka Vasic
Currently, LinkedIn because our product is currently built for LinkedIn users. We use mostly social selling and content marketing.
Purnima Chauhan
The best Marketing channels according to my experience is: 1) Your own Website (especially the blogs on the website, if they rank on Google they become a permanent source of organic traffic for you) 2) Google Ads (I support the idea to market using Google Ads as I have noticed better results from the channel as compared to any other paid channels like FaceBook Ads. Generally 3 out of 7 leads from ads on FaceBook are not relevant even if your targetted audiences are correct) 3) LinkedIn (as @luka_vasic has mentioned is taking over, especially with LinkedIn Plus and has left behind the popular marking and information sharing channel Medium.) 4) Discussion Groups and Channels Discussion channels like product hunt, Reddit or Quora are again trusted channels to find an audience that will be interested in your product, services or content. The ratio might be very low when it comes to outcomes but you will definitely get results from these groups) eg: I published an article on LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/f...) It got easily indexed and started ranking on Google Similarly, I saw a similar article on Google ( https://www.fatbit.com/fab/how-t... ). This blog ranks on top on different keywords, the DA (domain authority) is okay, the content quality is good and the length is quite long which gives the blog the advantage to rank on top. So for me organic channels are the best to market as they become your assets and you can optimize and generate great results from them
Talia Bender
We have been receiving great engagement on LinkedIn recently, but most of our popularity comes from our GitHub repo. Additionally, we find that many of our users post about our product on Twitter, but do not tag us :) So, to increase engagement here we are ramping up several campaigns to connect with users who aren't aware of our brand's connection to our product.
Dapeng Ni
Based on the reports, our website traffic is mostly from direct visitors so I must say that Google is still one of our best-performing marketing channel.
Matt Z
@dapeng_ni Sure Dapeng, but Direct refers to people typing your URL directly into the browser. It means they've seen your URL somewhere else (could still be Google)
Vaibhav Taneja
SEO, google ads, and social media are working really good for us.
Philipp Stelzel
Currently, word to mouth, but mostly because I am just building my other channels :)
Samir Moussa
SEO is massive for us, although we could do better on that front. We launched a product on PH recently and got a good number of signups, although these things are always one-off. Communities and networking is another one. Our team is always providing value and engaging in Slack communities so there is some return on investment there. We have our startup listed on various product sites which bring in some traffic too.