What are you doing for reducing your carbon footprint in your daily routine?

Kadir İnip
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Hey makers, Hopefully, everything is fine! What steps do you take in your daily life to reduce your carbon footprint or the consumption you create? And if you switched to a minimalist life, how did this happen, what was your motivation?


Kadir İnip
We are planning a trip to attract more people to this journey, maybe you can check it out. www.carbofil.com
Audrey Rampon
I walk/ride my bike as much as possible, I use tote-bags when I go to the supermarket to avoid plastic bags, I use soap over packaged body wash, I use a KeepCup to get my coffee and don't buy plastic bottles. I haven't switched to a minimalist life, but I try and purchase second-hand when possible.
Kadir İnip
@audrey_rampon Very correct and important steps, I am sure you do not spend great effort to take these steps, but your contribution is really great. For the last 2 months, I have been doing researches to make a full measurement on this subject, it is very difficult to make an exact measurement, but I am sure that you have a huge impact!
Rashmi Gupta
nothing much, just using reusable stuff, segregating garbage, don't use plastic bags and try eating organic.
I moved from the city, 3 years ago. Living in the mountains with a community that is so closely knit with the people as well as nature. Plastic bags are banned, garbage segregation is easy, food wastage is a sin, and walking to most of the places on foot- you don't have an option for that :P Also, there is a space here that sells everything local, organic, and handmade- from food to art to home decor. We also have a dome space to exhibit what we make and rent/sell/give away whatever's taking space or is not needed anymore.
Caroline Schneider
As sustainability is very important to us at GreenFrame, we identified these easy, day-to-day measures that help you to reduce your carbon digital footprint: ✅Send links instead of attachments ✅Clean up your mailbox ✅Send big attachments through file transfer platforms ✅Unsubscribe from commercial distribution lists or newsletters that you don’t need ✅Clean up the data you choose to save regularly ✅Store big files on external hard drives instead of the Cloud ✅Deactivate automatic download from apps such as WhatsApp ✅Avoid duplication of files saved in different systems ✅Delete documents when they are not useful anymore ✅Eco-design digital services with the help of GreenFrame! ✅When streaming, use Wi-Fi instead of 4G ✅Avoid viewing in HD  ✅Favour audio files over videos ✅Or simply try to cut down on streaming and online gaming ✅Prolong the life of your devices  ✅Turn off your computer when you leave ✅Set your computer to go into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity ✅Switch off your Wi-Fi when you’re not at home ✅Use eco-friendly search engines like Ecosia.org ✅Do limited searches: perform your searches within a relevant website rather than on the entire web ✅Use Favourites or History instead of searches I hope you found these tips useful! :)
Andrew Beburishvili
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