How do you keep notes?

Kadir İnip
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Are you using an extra app for a note-taking purpose, or directly using the phone's own app. Is there a specific reason for that?


I am building a note taking app. To be frank, so far I have been using whatsapp's blocked contacts for posting own notes
Kadir İnip
@sanalck007 This comment gave me two feelings at once. I wish you success with the app you developed, very good news. I'm also sad people are blocking you :D
Jan Mazurek
@sanalck007 LOL You should add yourself and send yourself notes!!!
@kdrnp hahaha. An alternative (if no blocked contacts): Make a group with somebody and remove them/ Then that is gonna be your kingdom.
@sanalck007 You might want to consider Telegram's "Saved Messages" - you essentially message or forward something to yourself, including media/attachments if you want
Jan Mazurek
As for me I am an old school person - I make notes on paper with a pencil. To make it less waste solution I use already used paper, eg. test prints. If I am out of paper or my notes / to do list must be send later to show progress of my work I make notes in most simple tool I can get in my operating system or directly in software I am about to use to report my job. For my private life I use paper calendar to make notes and to do lists.
Kadir İnip
@jan_mazurek You've explained all the steps to note-taking, Jan, thanks. Obviously, even if you use used paper, the paper should not be used, in my opinion. But I also can't stop myself from using paper completely.
Sachin Raghavendran
@jan_mazurek @kdrnp Got to say, there is something so great about taking notes by hand. Even with all the bajillion tools out there, nothing beats having a by-hand checklist of things to do (and the feeling of crossing each of them out)
Jan Mazurek
@kdrnp @sach_r35 most important here is fack I write / draw by hand, not point chars at keyboard (screen or classic PC one) It makes me to remeber that
@jan_mazurek Well, if they're temporary notes that you don't wanna save/archive physically for later, you could use a whiteboard or something like Rocketbook, and archive digitally.
Notion is the best solution.
Kadir İnip
@isaac_hernandez1 I don't think Notion is the right app for taking quick notes, you click too much.
Orvil D'silva
@isaac_hernandez1 I also use Notion. I love the app because of the variations of widgets. But sometimes it's too slow. I used to use the desktop app but it crashed , so now I am using the website. Do you know any alternative to notion , as good as it?
Shubh Agrawal
@orvil_d_silva @isaac_hernandez1 Hey, You can try One Note. I find it much easy to use for quick note taking and it is also a bit smoother than Notion\
@orvil_d_silva @theshubhagrwl I feel comfortable with Notion, but I also use a notebook to write down things and even for planning every area of my life as well and it works very well for me. I have a workflow with both tools.
Shharrnam Chhatpar
@isaac_hernandez1 @orvil_d_silva I use notion daily to keep personal and work related notes. Lately discovered that notion does not have end to end encryption hence considering to move to something like which keeps all data locally. Haven't tried it yet. Another alternative that i am aware and haven't tried is
Jack Davis
I use google docs because it is basic and easy lol.
Kadir İnip
@jack_davis7 You are right for desktop, I couldn't be sure for mobile :)
Nhập hàng Trung Quốc 365
I usually use the gg driver to store information, in addition to using notes
Tobias Gray
Used to use the Notes app for mac because it was simple & quick. Moved to OneNote because I like how you can start writing anywhere but don't need most of the other features and find it slow to paste into sometimes so may end up back with Notes.
Abdul Qadir
I use Nimbus Note. Used to use Evernote but their lack of innovation and basic stability issues caused me to move after years of usage. Have been on Nimbus Note for a few months now and loving it.
Cihat Demirtas
For creative content and strategy; first white paper than Notion, but for quick notes; Google Keep (:
Sazzadur Rahman
I use google keep for note
Liza Karelina
I use Notes app for iPhone and Mac. It is synchronized and you may separate your personal and work notes. I find it very useful!
Liza Karelina
@kdrnp I dont use such function, but you may read about it in this guide -
Lauren Proctor
I use Roam Research for most of my notes. If I want to jot something down but I'm on the go, I still use Apple's Notes app.
Simon Thomas
personal version (free) of Notion works for me
Lyviama Uguaynh
I use the notes app on my phone
Kadir İnip
Actually, I suggest that our Brig, for note-taking. We're on launch now, really looking forwards to your feedback.