What are the things that you thought are easier to do but realized they aren't when you started?

Kapil Gadhire
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Tanner Mullen
Managing a dev team as a non tech founder
@tannermullen wow - I was going to say exactly the same thing! It's so hard - for me it was scoping the work, finding people, trying not to get ripped off, and then working through all the issues with what's been done!
Tanner Mullen
@maxwellcdavis yeah man. For me it was the risk of someone having the keys to everything and me not knowing what was going on.
David J. Kim
@tannermullen @maxwellcdavis Definitely. And as you work with them it's mandatory to try to get as much tech knowledge you can. Talking to a lot of devs doing the same thing and asking key questions helps with that a lot.
Kapil Gadhire
@tannermullen I can so relate to this. Especially hiring at senior level becomes difficult. Ideally would love to hire people who are in my first degree and/or with whom I have worked before. But that sample universe is very small.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Organization of team work. At the beginning of the journey it seemed to me a cosmic task ... Now it is easy and effective.
Ira GI
maintaining social networks.
Karolina Slovcovaite
Generating quality traffic. I did not anticipate how expensive is to reach my target audience.
Misha Krunic
Writing blog posts - and content creation in general!
David J. Kim
@price2spy Hoh boy this is a tough one. It's hard to find what to talk about as well that's not already said.
@between_team I think its more a case of writing what others have said better. Came across an interesting fact yesterday that for every 1 content creator there are 100 consumers. There's a god chance not all 100 have came across whats 'already been said.'
David J. Kim
@janinah That's true. I see a lot of Medium articles out there that give advice but have no data/author experience to back it up.
Building a website! Its the T&Cs, plus SEO I'm having to figure out
Junior Owolabi
Writing the copy for my website, using Google Trends, Blogs articles, customer interviews, etc. To discern the common language used by my target customers
Rohit Verma
Making UI/UX enhancements to make the Customer journey smooth. Also new API integrations.