What are the misconceptions you had when you first began to build?

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Leave the assumptions you had when you first start to build and later realized they were not true at all. Newbies might find it useful. Let me start: "you can name your product anything" Of course, you can come up with any name, even made-up names when you're venture-backed and have tons of money to burn on ads/promotions: Twitter, Google, Bear. Internet is so noisy now. Bootstrappers need to come up with descriptive names that are easy to find and relate to. Now your turn 👇🏼


Hamed Baatour
I built many products in the past and here is what I learned: 1. building a successful startup takes only 2 things; great marketing & a great product (P.S notice I mentioned marketing first) 2. if you are building a product, don't add any new features focus instead on polishing existing features and thoroughly testing them (users will complain and churn if they find a buggy feature even if it's still new. they just don't care!) 3. an MVP takes only 1 killer feature that solves a huge problem. adding a dark mode will not be a deciding factor for new potential customers! P.S: I know, easier said than done but it's achievable. now I'm building intab.io a browser extension to visually edit/build any website and these days I'm going back to repolish every existing feature, improve the existing landing page, and make sure that everything thing is extremely consistent, reliable, and tidy.