Is your company async?

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Hello there, I am just interested in this async-first work policy. Does your company support it? What is its reach so far? If you are already practicing it, do you find it productive? what are the perks?


Sergio Zaciu
100% our team is scattered between LA, Santa Barbara, NYC, Portugal, Romania, and Australia so we keep things async and meet in person whenever life permits! :)
I used to work in an async environment - definitely suited my work style of working in random patches of deep work. The success of the method is highly dependent on the type of work your company does, however.
Luka Vasic
Yea, most of us are in Serbia, but there are a few that are on other parts of the planet. Even for all of us in Serbia we work best at different times. We all love the freedom to work when we want, it gives us the flexibility to work when we are most productive. But we are always connected are just one call/message away, so we can always jump in and help.
Launching soon!
Being async can help your company become more agile, which is desperately needed given the current business climate. Async communication behavior isn't easy to implement, but as always, with practice and patience, you can improve.