How to market with $0?

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I have 0 funding. No investments. I have $0 to burn. How can I grow my product to 100 users? What are the free marketing channels I can leverage?


Alexey Shashkov
Hey Nithursan! What about posting on Social media every day?
Fabian Maume
You will have to invest time. It is possible to get some users without burning cash but you will need to burn time instead. You can run some outreach over Linkedin to get your first users. The free version of Phantombuster could help you save some time. You can answer some Quora questions to get some referral traffic. Make a product hunt launch, this can be quite effective:
@fabian_maume Thank you for pointing out Phantombuster. Also, I've done the PH launch already. Time is the only asset I have now. So, I can only invest it. Thank you again Fabian.