What are the main success factors for the development of your startup?

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I'd say good marketing campaign is one of the main success factors. If you have a good application but with ineffective marketing campaign chances are, it is still hard to find user base for your startup.
@rodjons I agree, its very important to reach out to the correct audience for your startup. Otherwise it goes all in vain!
Steven Broderickson
Launching a successful tech startup is a complex endeavor that depends upon many and many factors. Some are internal and can be controlled. This source will help you in the calculation of factors https://www.dailyinfopk.com/2021... as per Bill Gross, the pioneer behind Idealab, the five key elements impacting new companies' prosperity are the real trick, group, plan of action, financing, and timing. Among them, timing is critical yet can't be controlled. For that reason, new companies frequently need an adequate number of assets to continue onward until the business becomes feasible.