What are the design tools you use in your daily workflow?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Figma. Once you see a fellow users mouse floating around making changes, you never go back to Sketch.
David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
@joshdance This. Plus with the fact that all I need to do is share a link to share your design is much more convenient.
Stefan Morris
I fight for the users
@joshdance Actually, Sketch has that feature now.
Emmanuel Lefort
Building the Shazam for your Thoughts
Hayley Jolliffe
Doing more with less.
Current stack is Figma for design, Super or Icons8 for icons, Super for website building, and Notion for keeping track of everything. Super easy, super fast, and doesn't destroy my hard drive :)
CEO @ NoCodeFamily
Figma & @jordan__hughes 's UntitledUI - to shortcut my design builds.
Jordan Hughes
Himalayas & Untitled UI
@vincentguittet Cheers Vincent!
April Chilldres
Tech Evangelista
Figma, Canva, PicsArt, & Adobe Fresco. Have been dabbling with Vectornator, Artlify, & PicMonkey, & Pixel Cut.
Co-founder @Wooky
Figma + Unsplash/Pexels + Icons8 🥰
Jeevan Kishore
Product Specialist @ Mason
I use Figma, Sketch and Canva. Figma is my go-to tool for most of the tasks. Love Canva for its easy-to-use design templates
building shopgracias.com
Figma & Canva. For UI design, I use tailwindui.com
Sav Cooper
Founder @Zest, UX designer and home cook
@tejesh95 tailwindui.com looks awesome- got to test it out!
Sav Cooper
Founder @Zest, UX designer and home cook
Figma for design, Flaticon for icons, Notion for product management, Google Meet (screen share) for walking teammates through new flows.
Atul Ghorpade
Marketer. SEO. Love to engage.
@sav_cooper Basically, most of hunters like Figma, Notion,, etc.
Sav Cooper
Founder @Zest, UX designer and home cook
@atulghorpade they're really awesome tools!
Tuğçe Içözü
Tech Writer / Product Hunt Ambassador
I use Canva for static designs and invideo for the video contents.
Figma. Only and always figma. Can't wait to be able to animate properly in figma.
Olivia Bridges
I'm a Blogger, YouTuber & article writer
According to my experience Canva, adobe spark post are one of best tolls for daily workflow. However Figma is also good choice.
Anil Meena
Building Pensil
Figma, Photopea, After effect
Maxwell Davis
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Canva is still my go to - although I was impressed by a demonstration of a Figma Jam yesterday!
Chief Inspiration Officer
Team Canva!
Johnny Fekete
making cool stuff for web and mobile
Noone mentioned Photoshop. Don't get me wrong, I use Figma for UI designs, but Photoshop comes handy too for editing pictures, it's still the best editor for bitmap images
I'm just an admirer <3
Figma and Icons8 Lunacy
Co-founder at Qinaps.com
Can I say that I use a mix of Canva + "Keynote", its the native Mac counterpart of Powerpoint.
Jagadeash S
I create kickass content @picmaker.
This might be a biased answer, but I use Picmaker to create graphics. This is biased because I work as a marketer in Picmaker. 😅
Marketer at ReSkript
I use Figma and Canva. I find both of them really useful. Canva has a lot of prepared designs and it gives me a lot of inspiraton, while Figma is helpful for having everything in one place and sharing it with colleagues