What are the cleverest and most creative advertisement you have seen in March?

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Advertisements can end up becoming background noise as you’re going about your day-to-day life. All of that means it can be hard for brands to capture attention, stay relevant, and be remembered later on. I would love to know your favourite picks from last month, March 2021.


Begüm Bayram
I saw a bed commercial one guy talking about backache and the other one recomend him that mattress. It was clishe and cringe but now it has a place in my brain forever. Bad ad strategy I guess.
@begum_bayram for sure, brand does that a lot of time. Would mind adding the url to it? I would love to watch it. 🙈
Begüm Bayram
It is Turkish I dont know if you can understand - when I rewatched it I remember how bad was acting too.
the Cred ads!! they get annoying after a while but i still can't seem to get myself to not watch it every time it plays on TV. they're just so funny.