How do you make sure your brand is eye catchy or easy to remember?

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Does having a brand easy remember helps? Would you consider spending money for branding while you just started?


Sergio Mattei
Good question. I don't suggest you spend money on branding at this stage, honestly. You don't know if it's going to fail or not, so spending money on a brand so early, probably pre-market fit, is just not a great idea. Think of Bitwarden: they've grown into a huge company with a logo ripped from Font Awesome. It really doesn't matter that much.
Hwei Oh
This is definitely one of the better start-up brand blogs I've read.. it's worth understanding all the elements that bring together "a brand" versus eg. name & nice logo. It also provides you with guidance in terms of costs for early-stage start-ups, and where you can find reasonably priced resources to help with your brand journey!