What are the main challenges with currently available analytics tools?

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I have been hearing a lot about privacy issues with a lot of analytics tools are available in the market. I am curious to know what else could be the reasons to switch to a new analytics tool apart from privacy concerns.


Fabian Maume
Privacy is quite important as you need a tool which is gdpr complaint when operation from EU. Another big issue are the ads blockers which makes some of the tracking tool inefficient. That is why, part of the analytics is now done server side. You can check out the server side google tag manager for more info about it. Another rto consider moving to a new tool is the possible to analyse data a posteriori. Google analytics requires you to make some setup before it stars the tracking. If you forgot to setup some conversion goal you cannot analyse the data a posteriori. More modern tool like SmartLook & Amplitude save all events and allows you to dig in data a posteriori.
@fabian_maume https://www.producthunt.com/upco... I would love to know if you have any features in mind. Thank you.
Thank you so much! Very detailed and informative I wasn't aware off. 😊