🎯 What are the best tools to find beta testers for free?

Kate Rusalovich
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I'm working in a startup and yes our budget is limited. But sure the beta test stage is extremely important. We have a landing page with a form to receive invite but don't have enough traffic yet.🙃 So how to attract beta testers from the target audience and no spent months and money bags? Could you advise any tools/ platforms or your effective lead generation insides?


Stas Voronov
LinkedIn works well for this, but it can take time and sales skills
Kate Rusalovich
@stas_voronov thank you! Yep! you are right it takes time... I tried it but for me this is not a fast solution and not resource-efficient enough.
Cheska Teresa
@stas_voronov Agree! It's massively helpful. Can be a bit time-consuming though, unless you automate it a bit.
Fabian Maume
Linkedin is a good way to go. You can use Phantombuster to save time there. You can also try to outreach influencers from youtube. On the channel description you can display the owner email.
Cheska Teresa
@fabian_maume Have you found an effective way to do YouTube influencer outreach? Would love to know!
Fabian Maume
@cheska_teresa I have a script to get listing of channel per keyword and filter based on subscriber count and other meta data. This allow to have a short list of relevant channels. I then perform manual email outreach (mentioning some elements of the video to show that I made my research). It is quite time consuming, but you can get good insight from it.
Tobias Gray
I've used https://betafamily.com/ free plan with fairly good success recently. Also theres some subreddits r/betatests, r/TestMyApp & r/alphaandbetausers that could draw some people in. If your product is a mobile app for iOS https://airport.community/ https://departures.to/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/TestFli... are all good places. And Android has a few good subreddits too r/androidapps and r/androiddev.
Zach Wright
It sounds like you're looking for a fast, efficient, AND free solution, which is tricky. Here's a low-cost option we're using: we run mTurk surveys as part of our market research. We include a question in the survey that asks whether they would be interested in early access to our beta. Conversions have been decent, definitely cheaper than running Google Ads. There are also these resources: Departures.to – Explore & share TestFlight apps Airport.community – Discover TestFlight apps reddit/r/TestFlight – Recruitment for App Store beta testers Hope that helps!
Kate Rusalovich
@zachswright yep! To run surveys is nice low-cost solution. We did it but didn't include question about early access (don't know why 😅)
flo merian
Hi Kate, You can use Ship to set up an Upcoming page, featured here on Product Hunt. Also I'd recommend to ask for testers in other communities, like Indie Hackers. Keep it up :)
Kate Rusalovich
@fmerian Thank you, Florian! I don't have an Indie Hackers account with good activity, and with a new one, it can be difficult to build trust in the community. But it's time to finally start doing it!
Melba Soline
Linked in..product hunt..so many out there.
Sreekanth PM
SEO and traffic is not the best solution for early stage startup. It can be used later once you get traction I used twitter and got 10 signup for early access in my landing page way before we started building product. Just by profile impression. I had kept the bio simple and product link. I never asked users to check as we are not ready yet. Buildin public is new way to tell the world about your product. Twitter and indiehackers may be a good place to get some early testers.