What are the best tools for finding Twitter influencers?

Kate Finch
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Nat Karatkova
I can't call it the best but this tool is in my bookmarks https://buzzsumo.com/find-influe...
Gargy Gupta
I use FollowerAudit, to find and audit influencers. First I find influencers using FollowerAudit’s detailed followers' analytics feature, this feature can list most followed accounts, verified accounts, etc from your or any other public Twitter account. You can find such popular and verified profiles from your or your competitor’s profile or from profiles with the same niche. It will be much easier to find relevant influencers for your brand. After finding the influencers I make sure I audit their accounts for fake followers (as there are many fake influencers who buy followers and can bring a huge loss in return) When you audit that influencers account using FollowerAudit’s Fake follower's checker feature, A report will be published informing how much percentage of their followers are active, inactive, and fake. Along with the list of fake and inactive followers
Bogomil Shopov - Bogo
I'll go bold and say - twitter :) Just find your niche and see who is posting :)
Rainer Schanung
You can use AudienceScout to search for any Twitter account and see relevant influencers. Full disclosure, I am the founder. Let me know your feedback on how you like it :)
Akriti Vyas
Use trending hashtags!