What tools do you use to measure performance of your twitter hashtag campaigns?

Kate Finch
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Jimmy Finch
To measure performance of my twitter hashtag campaigns, Trackmyhashtag is the best tool in my experience and trustworthy. It provides an extensive access to a wide variety of analytics to show how our chosen hashtags are performing. Trackmyhashtag provides various statistics : 1. The reach, impressions and engagement of any hashtag 2. Tweet timeline analytics with daily and weekly pattern 3. Provide top list of influencers related to a hashtag 4. Most liked and retweeted tweets,top related media, Hashtag and URL related to a hashtag 5. Predictive analytics include best time to post and best hashtag to use 6. Competition analysis helps to make strategies 7. Other metrics such as top languages, geographical presentation , device source This tool provides a free trial for 5 days and the premium features are also affordable. You should use this tool yourself and see how much you will like it. Thank you.