How can I optimize customer experience with text analysis and which are the best tools for the same?

Kate Finch
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Shreya Sahani
Text analysis solutions are now being implemented in almost every industry. Business owners use it to analyze consumer data mined from various sources. It helps them identify various insights such as purchase patterns, rising trends, areas of improvement, product preferences, and more. Text mining solutions like #BytesView can help you extract crucial insights from complex unstructured data for better decision-making. With the help of #BytesView text analysis, you can penetrate deep into customer data, and retailers can get an excellent understanding of the consumers’ needs and can also analyze their sentiments towards your products or services.
You can try Verticalls for your video conferencing meetings. The platform allows you to boost your KPI's, and give a report of your meeting to your guest after you hang up. Verticalls analyzes for you the audio, the speaking times but also the transcription of the meeting. It is synchronized with your CRM + agenda
Juan José Soto
If you need to analyze different communication channels with your customers (emails, chats, reviews, social networks, surveys, etc) you can try, a no-code natural language processing software to turn qualitative data into quantitative data :) ... Cheers!