What are the best no-code tools for building apps?

Olivia Bridges
8 replies
Share your experience of working on no-code tool websites. And tools you love to use in building and scaling your startup.


Sharath Kuruganty
There are so many. In my experience I have used Bubble, Glide 1.0, Softr. These tools are pretty powerful and helped me bring ideas to life.
Shariq A
We have built a no-code API Virtualization tool. It is not meant to replace real HTTP / REST APIs, atleast not at this moment. But the primarily problems we are trying to solve are: * eliminating dependencies between developers &development teams *speeding-up the development of API driven systems and applications *reducing the repetitive tasks that testers have to deal with when testing applications
Wael Khattar
Bubble.io by far Adalo is good for simple mobile apps
Wael Khattar
@olivia_bridges Free to build. Once you want to connect to a custom domain, you pay around 29$/month. Some features are also exclusive to the paid subscription but so far I never had to use them while building
Paul-Henri Hersen
Bubble is hard to use at the begining, but painless week after week
Shyam Prasad Reddy
Bubble (bubble.io) undoubtedly!