What is your hobby? is it related to tech?

Olivia Bridges
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Joanna Kurylo
I'm an amateur boxer, and nope, not related at all :)
@joannakurylo I love kickboxing and MMA too. Always gives me a smile when I see other women doing combat sports.
Mahak from Outgrow
My hobby is writing poems. It's not like a hobby but it's so peaceful to write something I like. And if I say about tech, I love to do coding(though most of the time, I have to do it).
Shai Mizrahi
I love cooking and trying new recipes - totally unrelated to tech :)
Christopher Paige
I like playing video games. By the way, do you know about Amazon's new game, New World? It's really worth playing if you like MMOs.
Galia Ben David
I sew and read in my free time!
Fabian Maume
Boardgaming. It isn't tech-related, but most people you meet there are from IT or Marketing field.
Yael Yaari
@fabian_maume that sounds awesome, do you do it with friends or online?
Fabian Maume
@yael_yaari I prefer doing it in face to face, but I'm also using https://boardgamearena.com/ from time to time.
Jan Leonovich
Blogging. Just write articles about history, society, culture, architecture, design… and technologies.
Yael Yaari
I love climbing- not related to tech !
Gym/MMA. Gaming << Only hobby that is tech related. Reading
Emily Harris
I decided to focus on self-development so when I have free time, I usually learn something. I found a lot of free and interesting online courses here https://www.skillcourses.com/bes.... I am sure it may be useful for many so take a note and improve your skills.
Kilian Dayzee
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