What are the best emerging community hubs that few people talk about?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Mayank Mishra
I'm hearing about the circle from a few folks, what's your favorite one Sharath?
Ana Bibikova
+1 for Circle - it comes up quite a lot now
Paul O'Brien
Quietly launched so we can work out kinks, but growing quite nicely: https://mediatech.ventures Media industry professionals, founders, mentors, investors. Not a beautiful design, wasn't the goal; built for scale and in time, our index of millions of people in media innovation.
Paul O'Brien
@5harath we're also exploring HOW we might sync Product Hunt discoveries in our industry, with that community: https://www.producthunt.com/@seo...
Tôi đang quan tâm đến vấn đề này
Surender Singh
Might i also add @Pensil (https://www.pensil.in) - it has the best design school in India running its community, robotics + coding + UX design + College clubs running on Pensil now. Currently in a public beta.
Carl Sabounjian
indie hacker, been around for a while but its good
Saba Karim
Talkhowdy.com isn’t a community per se, but they seem to be curating them all
Harish Choudhary
Folks, don't forget to check out what we're cooking at https://toli.one, we're building a tool for startups and businesses to build a fully branded and integrable community of their own. CC: @5harath
Nathan Challen
lunadio.com great growing group of makers! @ichangetheway
Ivan Homola
@emotf Thank you, Nathan, for mentioning LUNADIO
Molly O'Neill
https://www.crowdstack.com is like FB Groups and Slack had a baby. Cool features including magic links for when you paste in a URL
Martin Guptill
I thought Gaming Community is the best emerging community and in future it will be growing as well, Still the gamers played all day and ni8 find different methods to crack them play them. Recently i hear from someone a man design Coc Base Layout of a games and he is not a specific designer. he is a regular game player, that thing was every fascinating to me.